About the Department of Surveying Technologies Engineering
The base of the scientific knowledge has perceived a great technical expansion and development in all its fields. It is necessary for educational institutions to introduce plans for providing the requirements for creation specialized departments and branches in specific field. The aim of this is being familiar with all details related to the field of specialization, so that the graduate will be scientifically qualify and able to possess a solid scientific base with integrated aspects. This will enable the graduate to perform the work efficiently, to create, and to continue the scientific research in the field of specialization.
The Department of Surveying Engineering was first established in 1997 with the beginning of Dr. Soran Nihad as the head of the department. From its establishment, the department depend extensively on external lecturers due to the lack of specialists in this field.
Since then, the department has worked to achieve its goals in the educational and scientific preparation for the students to graduate as qualified and specialist engineers in the field of surveying engineering in general. The graduate students have worked in different state institutions and private sector in engineering works represented by monitoring and signing sites. In addition to the work of geodetic and leveling networks, careful monitoring of dams and large facilities, various engineering projects in the accurate signing of sites according to maps and design plans during implementation, analysis and correction engineering, eliciting satellite and aerial image information, working to improve the possibility of decision-making through the preparation of maps in all their forms, purposes and scales, and the provision of information related to them. 
The Department of Surveying Techniques Engineering is considered as one of the leading and distinguished departments in the Technical College of Engineering in Kirkuk due to its close relationship with various fields, especially the geographic information system and the global navigation system.
Postgraduate studies (Master's degree in Geometrics’ Engineering) were introduced in the department from 2021-2022.