the definition  :

The Graduate Studies Unit is directly linked to the Scientific Division and is responsible for implementing all topics related to the master’s and doctoral programs in the college in accordance with the rules and regulations, through which it will contribute, God willing, to enabling the college to achieve the vision and objectives of the university.

Vision :

The Graduate Studies Unit seeks to improve the quality of graduate students’ programs and research in accordance with the college’s policy and mission, which contributes to serving the community and preparing a generation with highly qualified academic degrees.

the message  :

Contribute to the creation of distinguished and high-quality postgraduate programs through the academic departments of the college, as well as of a nature characterized by continuity, development and modernity, which serves the community in various fields.
Objectives :

1. Supporting graduate students and their supervisors from among the faculty members and providing them with assistance in all topics related to the master's programs in the college.

2. Improving the quality of research of graduate students in the college by constantly updating study plans.

3. Encouraging graduate students, in coordination with academic departments, to conduct theoretical and applied research to solve problems using contemporary scientific methods.
4. Developing concepts and practices of innovation and research excellence for graduate students in various fields.

5. Striving for the Graduate Studies Unit to be a role model at the college and university levels in various aspects, whether administratively or academically, as well as in the developmental aspect.

6. Highlighting and activating the role of the unit through raising awareness of the instructions and instructions of graduate studies and presenting some workshops by faculty members on various topics.
mission : 1. Implementation and follow-up of the university and college policy for graduate studies. 2. Respond to all inquiries related to graduate studies in the college. 3. Follow up of postgraduate students in the college (scholarships, fellowships, study leave) inside and outside Iraq. 4. Provide assistance to postgraduate students and work on solving the obstacles and difficulties they encounter. 5. Presenting proposals and recommendations that would raise the level of performance of the graduate studies programs in the college. 6. Preparing a monthly and annual report on the work of the unit to submit it to the assistant dean for scientific affairs. Detailed tasks: The unit performs several other detailed tasks, which are related to the following: Procedures for registering courses and preparing study schedules for postgraduate studies. Changing an academic supervisor.

Preparing the names and conditions of students admitted to postgraduate studies. Implementation and follow-up of all topics related to master’s programs and its development in other scientific departments in the college. Graduate studies course in the college. Providing postgraduate students with acceptance and direct approvals for the purpose of obtaining study permits from their departments. Providing postgraduate students with the support to continue studying during the study period, upon their request. Providing postgraduate students with important facilitation books for the purpose of obtaining private information during the period of writing research. Obtaining approvals for approving the titles of theses and theses, and changing the address during the research writing stage and following up on study extensions

Transfer of theses and dissertations to the scientific and linguistic assessors and to the acquisition committee and the formation of discussion committees for graduate students  Obtaining the approval of the university presidency to grant the certificate and issuing the university order to grant it. Providing graduate students with graduation certificates and academic progress, and issuing grade documents to them. Answering the books received by the Graduate Studies Unit (inquiries - five-year statistics - validity of university orders issuance - graduation confirmations - postponing students - promoting students’ registration for dropping out of studies - implementing the orders of the university council and the college council - implementing graduate studies instructions in supervising graduate students