The legal activities in the unit are:

Organizing contracts of all kinds (administrative contracts, investment contracts and government contracts) in terms of their legal formulation, approval and follow-up of their correct implementation and all matters related to them.
Organizing guarantees of all kinds (various financial guarantees and academic guarantees of all kinds (initial studies, postgraduate studies, masters and doctoral studies inside and outside Iraq, scholarships, fellowships and study leaves) in terms of legal drafting and approval.
Organizing pledges of all kinds (student commitments, employee commitments, and other commitments) in terms of their legal formulation and approval.
Follow-up of the unit's mail in terms of receiving the mail, promptly answering it at the specified time, archiving it in the office and electronically, and keeping it in the files for safekeeping.
Following up students outside Iraq in terms of the contractual obligations of the student and organizing a contract extension for students who extend their studies outside Iraq, as well as following up on the sponsors of the student who violates his contractual obligations and refuses to pay the contract amount and asking them to pay what the student sponsored by them owes.
Providing legal advice to associates, divisions, and administrative units when there is confusion in the administrative instructions and their application, by submitting an official memorandum on the subject to be inquired about, according to the series of references.
Participate in committees whose formation requires that there be a legal member in them, and carry out the work of the committee in cooperation with the rest of the committee members.
Investigative or auditing boards: Participation in the completion of the work of the investigative committees formed by the presidency of the Northern Technical University or the Deanship of the College, investigating the facts in them and making recommendations on the subject of the investigation.
Follow up the lawsuits filed by the college against others or filed by others against the college in the Iraqi courts of various jurisdictions, as well as in police stations, and follow up on their sessions until the final decision is issued.