About the Department of Computer Technology Engineering

The Department of Computer Technology Engineering was established in the academic year 1998-1999. It is a technical engineering department whose inputs are from graduates of the preparatory school in its scientific branch, as well as graduates of vocational education in the specializations of computers, electronics, and information technology. The duration of the study is four years, after which the graduate obtains a bachelor’s degree that qualifies him to practice work. Technical engineering, especially in the field of designing and implementing computer-based systems in its work.

The Computer Technology Engineering Program is an applied academic program that teaches and trains students practically in specialized and auxiliary subjects for specialization in computer technology engineering.

The department’s general specialization is divided into two specialized branches, according to the student’s desire, and after the student’s success to the third academic stage, namely (Computer Communication Networks Branch) and (Computer Electronics Branch). The department’s courses include general engineering requirements in computers and electronics, and specialization requirements such as computer networks and communications, and it is able to:

– Design and implementation of computer-based systems in their work.

– Dealing with electronic systems and computer control systems, in addition to communications and computer networks.