Dr. Sami Reda Aslan, Dean of the Technical Engineering College, Kirkuk

Name: Prof. Dr. Sami Reda Aslan

Born: 1964

General Major: Nuclear Engineering

Specialization: Magnetic Fluids

Engineering Technical College / Kirkuk is one of the formations of the Northern Technical University. It was established in 1998 and it included four departments. With the development of the college, the number of departments increased, and now the college includes six engineering departments, as follows:

Department of Electronic Engineering and Control Technologies
Department of Fuel and Energy Engineering Technologies
Department of Power Mechanical Engineering Technologies
Department of Surveying Technologies
Department of Computer Engineering Technologies
Department of Environmental Engineering and Pollution Technologies
How much does the college grant a master's degree in refractory engineering

Since its inception, the college has contributed to supplying state departments with creative engineering cadres and has had a prominent role in building institutions and serving the nation. And it has a clear imprint in the departments of the Kirkuk governorate, but rather in all the governorates of Iraq. It also contributed to the field of scientific research through graduates of postgraduate studies, as it contributed dozens of theses in the field of refractory engineering. Scientific research had a special interest and advanced priority in the college’s curriculum to raise the applied level and keep pace with developments. global and technical.